A Little Story About Us

This year Jason and I reached the 5-year mark in our relationship.

That feels like such a long time to me! This past December was our 2 year wedding anniversary and that was crazy enough. Still, all this time…which is really such a short amount of time…we still love each other more every day. We still get excited about the adventures we have ahead of us.

We actually started off on a totally different path 5 years ago when Jason asked me to move with him to San Antonio after only a month of us officially dating. I must have been crazy to move 3 hours away from my small town with a guy that I barely knew.

The only reassurance that I had that everything would work out, was the unconditional love that I felt from him. I decided to go with my gut, packed up my one bag of belongings, and prepared myself to follow this guy to ends of the earth. Boy, am I glad that I went with my instincts on that one. It couldn’t have worked out better.

Eventually, Jason started working as a pipe Welder and we went on the road together. We had a pretty typical pipeline life. We lived in RVs, moving from job to job every few months. I know, It may sound glamorous to travel for work but in reality, when you work for the pipeline most of the places you end up aren’t places you want to be. We spent a lot of time in west Texas small towns and southern Texas border towns.

Don’t get me wrong, it was a great life for us at that time. We got to really learn a lot about ourselves and each other trough that time but after a while, we started to realize that something wasn’t right. We got stale, never really changing or moving forward. We just had no real plans for the future or any real ambitions. As far as we could tell, this was it. We just hadn’t known that there were other options out there for us, so it never even crossed our minds to question what were doing.

I think the big turning point for us was when we went on the Paleo diet.

The day my Dad told me that I should try it out was the day our life changed for the better. I was the one who started the Paleo first and soon after I helped Jason get started on it. When I began immersing myself into the diet and the culture that surrounds it, I really started to feel that my purpose of taking care of my little family was being fulfilled. It made me so happy to see my health improve and to help Jason get healthier as well. I managed to cure myself of my Cronic Urticaria(hives) and Jason was able to lose 40 lbs. We have never been in better health.

Although the physical change was wonderful, it wasn’t the only way we changed. It opened our eyes to a whole new way of thinking. The paleo lifestyle can lead you down a path of self-awareness but also social and environmental awareness. I think that is when Jason and I made the transformation from being “redneck, don’t give a shit” type of people to more of “Hippie Dippie” people.

We learned about so many different aspects of life that we were never aware of. I mean, we started recycling for heaven’s sake!?!

It was about so much more than just what went into my body. I would love to talk more about all of that but I was really just trying to make my point of where our change started. I’ll save all that ranting for another post.

All of these new things we learned really open up our eyes and our priorities gradually began to shift. Our lives became less about wanting nice things to show off and more about our quality of life and spending more time with each other.

Decemeber 2014 we got married! Our wedding was a perfect representation of our new way of thinking. We didn’t focus on things like decorations or big wedding cakes. We wanted it to be about the love we felt for each other and we wanted to share that with our families. I feel that is exactly how it turned out. It was such a perfect day. Sometimes, I wish I could just relive it over and over again. It was just so special to us..

The next year things kinda slowly progressed, and we spent a lot of time still learning and making a lot of mistakes…as I am sure we will continue to do for the rest of our lives. I think that’s just part of the human experience…

In November of 2015 we were staying in Big Spring TX (one could argue that place is basically the butthole of Texas) living in our $70,000 fifth wheel RV…our supposed “wedding present to ourselves”…I was at home thinking about how badly I wished Jason could stay home with me and do things that we enjoyed doing together rather than him being at work. At the time I owned a 2013 FJ cruiser with all terrain tires and lift kit on it…so stupid…and it just occurred to me. If I didn’t have that stupid thing then that would be $30,000 less debt that Jason would have to work to pay off, and that meant we could spend more time together.

It didn’t take much convincing on his part, so we decided to sell it. We managed to find a buyer fairly quickly and clear ourselves of the debt.

It apparently got Jason’s mind working, because one day he came home from work and told me all about his new grand scheme. He wanted to sell our RV and his truck. Get rid of all of our debt and downsized our bills, so he could work less and we could spend more time together. It was the solution to our problem. We could finally have what we want and it wouldn’t have to take us our wholes lives to get there. It was brilliant! Holy shit the world is good again! We were so excited about our new plan.

Around that same time, Jason got laid off from his job…typical pipeline life… so we decided to pack up our RV and move back to Brenham while we put our plan into action.

Within a few short months, we sold both Jason’s Truck and our RV. We freed ourselves of over $100,000 in debt and promised ourselves that we would never finance anything else ever again. We bought a little cash car and spent the rest of the year living in Brenham while we explored some of our new options.

It didn’t take us long to realized that we were not ready to be domesticated and we decided that we wanted to go back on the road. Only, this time we would go to places that we wanted to be, not places we had to be. We spent a few months looking for the perfect RV and bought our adorable little tiny home RV that we live in now.

We sold our car, bought a truck, and hit the road!

Now we are staying in Freeport TX right on Christmas Bay less than 1 mile from the beach just loving our life. We actually love this place so much that we may not leave for a while, and that’s what our adventure is supposed to be about. DOING WHAT MAKES US HAPPY.

We know that we don’t need a whole lot to be happy and in fact the less we have, the happier we seem to be. We are truly free and we couldn’t feel any better about our future together. Jason always says that he feels richer now than he ever did when he was making all that welding money because he has everything he could ever want.

I feel exactly the same way. I get the opportunity to do the things I love to do with the one I love the most in this world. Not many people get to say that.

I have no idea what the next step in our life is but that’s part of our journey. We are figuring it out. One thing I have learned is to not close my mind to new ideas and just let life take us on its ride. We just want to enjoy the experience.

It’s funny to look back on your life and see how it’s been kinda a series of extremely unorganized and random events that have got us to where we are. I would have never thought that when I met this adorable little yuppie guy from Alvin TX that we would be married and living the life we are now. It just makes me so curious to see where life takes us next.

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