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Come see our adorable little Tiny Home!

Currently, my husband and I live in a 10+-year-old 26-foot bumper pull RV. It is our Tiny Home and we absolutely love it!

I know what you’re thinking, “What in the hell went wrong in your life that you ended up living in that thing?” Well, it is actually the opposite for us. It’s what went RIGHT!

We chose this lifestyle and we were fortunate enough to make it happen. If you’re interested you can read all about our little story here! Today I just want to focus on telling you about our tiny home and showing you around a little bit.

Tiny home outside front

This is her! Isn’t she beautiful! Quite the little gem if I do say so myself!

Okay, so maybe I’m a little biased. My love and appreciation for it might be clouding my judgment just a little!I really don’t care though! It really only matters if Jason and I love it. And we REALLY do! She is such a little cutie! Perfect fit for our little adventure.

tiny home outside backWe decided to go with this size of RV for a few different reasons, but the biggest one was that our truck could only pull a small RV and we wanted to make sure that we got one that wouldn’t strain our trucks abilities too much. After all, she is a bit of an old lady 😉

I was worried that we would have a hard time adjusting in such a small RV, but to be honest it hasn’t been too bad at all. Obviously, you will always have to make compromises when living in a Tiny Home of any sort, but the ones we have made have been so small and well worth it.

After all, we are living our dream and I think a lot of people would sacrifice a lot more than a few feet of space to be able to say that.

The exterior is pretty much the most adorable thing ever. It has so much charm, It really doesn’t need much updating in my opinion.

Although, My Dad did make a joke about painting it a beach color so it would fit in with all of the beach houses. I’m not convinced. You never really know though. I’m really beginning to feel the whole local vibe down here in Freeport TX. The saltwater could start rotting my brain and get me to do all kinds of crazy things…something like painting my RV sea foam green…Yikes! As for now, I think I’ll leave it just the way it is!

Now follow me inside!

It has a unique layout that you don’t see in many RVs, and that is one reason we were so drawn to it. The kitchen and bathroom share the space in the rear of the RV, and the living sits in the middle, while the bedroom occupies the front

Originally I thought that would never work, but now I am not so sure that I would have it any other way. It has a great flow throughout and I feel that space is evenly distributed very nicely (Don’t mind my ridiculous bulldog. She just had to be in all of my pictures. I swear that girl is such a mess)

The light cabinets and all the windows really make it seem open and roomy and keep it from feeling like a cave when we have to spend a lot of time in there.

One thing that I learned from living in our previous RV was that even though it was about 40 feet long, it felt small and gloomy as f***! Sometimes, I would say it even felt smaller than this one.

It was because everything in that camper was dark colored. The interior color of your RV can really make a difference. That’s why I suggest if you are moving into an RV you should really try to get one with light colors or invest in painting or adding light curtains to it. It will really help open up the place. Trust me on this one. I have experience!

I feel very happy that we ended up with one that is so bright, so there isn’t a rush on painting it(although I could get pretty excited about using some chalk paint on these cabinets!)

tiny home bed
This is our little bedroom area! It’s actually big enough for a queen sized bed but we put a full sized mattress there instead. I think it fits well despite the extra space on the sides.

Jason likes to push the bed all the way over to my side so he can use the extra space to put all of his crap. He thinks the bedside table situation is functional enough. I keep trying to tell him that it doesn’t seem fair but he’s convinced that it is…he say’s, “I’m bigger than you, so I need more room”…I’m starting to think that excuse is only gonna take him so far. He’s gonna eventually have to get a little more creative than that. It’s a good thing I freaking love him!

Okay, so how cute is this little couch? It’s pretty unique as well. The couch itself is actually the slide out. I haven’t seen a slide out like that before. Usually, there is a slide out with a couch sitting on it. Not in the case. Pretty cool right? I thought so 🙂

It’s the only slide out area in our home and even though it’s not very big it makes a HUGE difference. Gives you a little more wiggle room and makes a good place lay out a bulldog rug, as you’ve seen in the previous pictures. 😉

The couch also lays down into extra bedding if you need it. Which, is always nice if you have a guest or if you want to cuddle on the couch and have movie time with the hubs.

I’m planning on attempting to reupholster it in the future but first I have to figure how exactly that will work. I’ve never reupholstered anything before, so I’m not really sure where to start. Should be sooo fun! Don’t worry, you guys will get an update of how that fiasco goes when I finally get around to doing it.

Hey! there’s a reason to come back and visit my blog again! Either you’re going to get to see a really bad ass reupholstery tutorial or you’re just gonna sit back and laugh your ass off. Maybe even a little bit of both…It’s really a win-win 🙂

This is where I keep my computer. We have considered taking out the booth and reworking the space, but we are still brainstorming on that. It just might be more of a project than we want to take on. For now, the booth works great for us.

It has made a really nice desk for me and it’s actually really great to have somewhere to sit down and eat dinner together every night. It also turns into extra bedding if you need it but I doubt we will ever use it for that.

You notice all of the cabinets in the pictures? You may not see it at first, I know I didn’t, but this RV has an incredible amount of storage and let me tell ya if there is one that I get excited about, it is storage! I cannot stand to have things out laying around and taking up all of our precious counter space or seating in our Tiny Home. I have to have things put away.

One way we have been able to manage that is just by downsizing all of our useless crap…who would have thought, right…but also by the fact that the storage in this thing is freaking awesome!

Between the cabinets inside and the small outside storage compartment, everything we own fits very nicely with room to spare. Which is awesome cause it’s always nice having extra storage just in case!

I just had to slip this picture in here. She was jealous of her sister being in the pictures. That’s her favorite spot to lay. That way she can harras all of the neighbors when they walk by. Such a freaking stalker dog.

This is our tiny kitchen and believe me when I say tiny, I mean TINY!

It has been a bit of a challenge adjusting to such a small kitchen but now I absolutely love it. I have perfected an easy system for cooking and doing dishes. luckily we also have an outdoor cooktop and convection oven so I don’t always have to heat up the house when I get my mid-day cookie cravings. Mmm yum. That actually sounds pretty good right about now….

Okay focus!

Did you notice the nice towel that is duct-taped up over the kitchen window? Very classy am I right? The blinds broke and we had to protect ourselves from our very nosy neighbor peeking in. One not so fun thing about living in an RV is that there isn’t a lot of privacy. Your neighbors tend to be VERY close to you. LOL, we really don’t mind though. Our duct-tape decor works great for the time being.

This right here is another reason we had to duct-tape our window. The bathroom is pretty small so there isn’t room for Jason to get dressed in there. I can manage it but he definitely can’t.

Besides being a little small, the bathroom is actually pretty great. It’s all you need since we don’t really spend a lot of time in there.

We also have an outdoor shower so when we are sandy from the beach we just wash off outside and we never have to mess around in the tiny bathroom.

It’s really a pretty great little bathroom. I think the only thing we might change in the bathroom is the tub and the toilet.

The tub has this awkward seat it in it that is basically made for toddlers and is extremely hard to try to avoid while you’re in there.

As for the toilet, I just don’t like RV toilets that you have to flush with your hand. It kinda weirds me out. I prefer the foot peddle kind. Eventually, we will probably change both of those things out. That will be a happy day for sure!

So there we are 🙂 That’s it for our tour of the adorable little Tiny Home that has started us off on our newest adventure. I have can’t wait to see what road it takes us down and to experience all of the emotions and memories as they come.

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  1. Love it Katy girl. Very liveable to me. I like how clean and simple the decor is. Love you and Jason….

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